In March 2014 I traveled to Rwanda Central Africa with a mate. The aim was to investigate options for sustainable business in place of the aid work he had been doing for the past ten years. The focus was on food security projects.
By building and investing in the country, providing secure, safe, long term employment we can potentially do more than any amount of aid will achieve.
Rwanda has a tragic history with it's genocide in 1994. However I experienced a beautiful scenic country with amazing people with a resilience and desire to move forward. It's not hard to fall in love with the place.
Bethany traveled to Rwanda in January 2011 with the same mate, carrying out a project for Hope Rwanda. This project has seen the building of over twenty homes for widows and orphans of the genocide. The occupants have been able to re-establish themselves and are now in a position to buy the homes built for them.
We both have a heart to see the Rwandan people live full and wholesome lives. We have invested in a maize milling facility, value adding to the corn crop. The company we have invested in is Australian owned and I am a director of, with two Rwandan investors. Both investors have dreams and hopes for their country and we are helping them realise their dreams. Christopher has a passion for maize flour , and Mika wants to set up a free range chicken farm. She dreams of a day when eggs will be a staple in the Rwandan diet as opposed to the treat which it is at the moment for most people.
Out of this dream Wanda Egg was born. Wanda Egg will invest profits into Rwanda. It is not aid. The investments will be into sustainable business which will help increase employment and build a stable economy. Wanda Egg is working closely with Chicken Caravan to develop systems of free range egg farming which will suit the conditions in Rwanda. Scott