Pastured Free Range – pasture grown, free to roam, happy hens


Best practice, pastured free range chickens, sustainable, slow food product with a global vision to support food security projects in Rwanda, Africa


At Wanda Egg our chickens are free to roam fresh pasture all
day everyday if they choose. Our sustainable farming methods improve the fields in which the chickens range. We move our portable chicken caravan every few
days to ensure there is not a damaging build up of manure so that we are only having a
beneficial impact on the land.

We are committed to our local area. We are committed to ethical and sustainable production of a high quality product for our local community. However we also have a dream to have a global impact.

Part of our mission at Wanda Egg is to create a similar egg production system relevant to the land, people and resources of
Rwanda, Africa. We have the heart to see eggs, this highly nutritious and
beneficial protein source, available to everyone at an affordable price. See ‘Rwanda Story’ for more details.