At night the girls roost in their custom made Chicken Caravan. It has an abundance of roosting space, cosy nesting boxes and a built in water tank/drinkers. 

With a mobile home for our chickens we are able to move them to fresh pastures and new grass regularly. This forms part of our sustainable farming practices, allowing the land to recover and evenly fertilise the paddock.

Website_Home_image2AUTHENTIC FREE RANGE 

Pastured free range eggs … our chickens are free to roam and feast on fresh  pastures all day everyday. Our happy, healthy hens love to forage, scratch, dust bathe and munch on the grass as well as any creepy crawlies they come across. To ensure a balanced diet they also have access to top quality, grain based feed.

You can watch our girls enjoying the sunshine, the space to strut around and adventures through the paddock by following us on Instagram or Facebook. 




Pastured free range farming methods are not only great for the paddocks in which they are practiced they also produce highly nutritious eggs.

Our happy hens have plenty of space to roam and a stress free environment to produce delicious eggs.

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 Genuine free range eggs produced in the Illawarra using sustainable farming methods with the dream of similar project Rwanda, Africa

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